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(An old Scots word meaning Heritage)

Buchan's cultural heritage in song, music, verse and drama.

The first Heirskip was compiled to commemorate the year of activities by the Buchan Heritage Society and to launch the 'FESTIVAL OF STRICHEN'
near Mormond Hill, in the heartland of Buchan.

The magazine was such a success that it was decided to make it a yearly publication.

Over the years it has been edited by:-
James Duncan The first chairman.
Peter Buchan The well-known Peterhead writer and poet
who was our president for many years
Sandy Ritchie Past chairman.
Evelyn Mundie Past Festival Organiser and Vice-chairman
Jean McKinnon Past Committee Member, and founder member
Margaret Gordon Present Editor

The contents still reflect the Festival Events and Results plus our yearly meetings, and gives local writers and poets the chance to see their work in print. These are mostly in the Doric, about life as it was in this area, also about the people who have helped preserve our culture. However an article written in English is also welcomed if it is relevant to our readers, who live all over the country. We publish all the prizewinning stories and poems from the festival competitions, and are happy to give publicity to all local publications.

At the society we are always delighted to meet and greet any visitors, whither they be exiled Buchan folk, folk with ancestors who came from the area or strangers with an interest our North East corner of Scotland, 'we mak' abody welcome'

As you read earlier we publish our competition winner's work and other relevant articles about the area and we would be delighted to hear from anyone, in any part of the world, who has a story to tell or a photograph to illustrate an event. It might be that you have found a headstone in your local Kirk yard with a Buchan connection or that your great great grandfather wrote poetry about Mormond Hill, Aikey Brae or the girl he left behind in Buchan. Anything in fact that might reflect the traditions in life and living in Buchan would be most welcome and with e-mail there should be no communications problems, apart possibly from that of language for which we make no apology as our local Doric language is something we are very passionate about.

Heirskp is published ever April and costs £4-50 plus P&P .

In 2005, to celebrate our 20th birthday, we published an extra book which contains extracts form the first 10 years of Heirskip, the title
"DINNA TINE'T" (our motto)

Heirskip continues to be published annually and we would be delighted with any material you think our readers would enjoy simply e-mail our present Editor.

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